Grant-Funded Programs

The Corporate Training Center at Suffolk County Community College has worked with companies to help secure training grants from federal, state and county agencies.

Many grants provide a level of funding for specific training programs with matching funds required from the company that is participating in the grant. The participating company is also responsible for meeting specific eligibility guidelines of the grant awarded. This arrangement provides an opportunity to upgrade workforce skills at an affordable cost to the company.

The Corporate Training Center has secured specific grants for incumbent workers in the areas of Advanced ManufacturingWorkplace English, and other programs. These programs have allowed the training of displaced workers, economically disadvantaged adults, persons with disabilities, and veterans to receive vocational training. Many of these students have successfully completed their training, obtained full- or part-time employment, and have become self-sufficient, productive members of the community.

These programs also allow many to further their education and obtain degrees at Suffolk County Community College in Manufacturing Technology and other fields, or to obtain four-year degrees at other institutions.

In addition, this training has helped businesses and enabled companies to be more competitive in the global marketplace. It has allowed firms to upgrade the skills of their incumbent workers, increase retention rates, and remain an economic resource for Long Island.