Senior Citizens

Suffolk County residents 60 years of age or older are invited to attend credit-bearing courses on a space-available basis without paying tuition. Please note, however, that senior citizens are expected to pay required college fees. In addition, senior citizens enrolling in a physical education, internship, cooperative education or field placement course/program are required to pay a non-refundable accident insurance fee.

Those who attend courses through this program do not receive academic credit but have an opportunity to develop their personal and professional interests by attending the classes as “audit” students. Though not paying tuition, senior citizens are subject to the audit conditions outlined under “Grading System” of the Academic Policies webpage. It should be understood that no grades can be earned or recorded for participation in these courses.

Unfortunately, the College cannot extend this opportunity to attend courses on a space-available basis to senior citizens registering for Continuing Education/non-credit courses, since the latter must be financially self-supporting and therefore, tuition must be paid.

Each semester a special registration time is set aside for senior citizens who wish to avail themselves of this program. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Campus Registrar’s Office.

Senior citizens are also invited to attend the theatre productions, concerts, art exhibits and lectures sponsored by the College.