CNC Courses

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G-Code Programming- CNC Mill
G-code Programming students will learn to use language to operate CNC Mill machinery. HAAS simulators will be utilized to learn and perform the programming tasks. Basic shop math knowledge required. $495.00

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Students will learn a computer-aided software most commonly used by machine technology professionals. This course will cover creating 2D drawings and part programming using Mastercam to create CNC code for Machining Centers. For more information, 631-851-6200. (13 meetings)

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Advanced Mastercam
This Course will cover 3D Solids creation from 2D wireframe geometry, 2D High Speed Dynamic toolpaths and its uses, Basic plane creation and manipulation. This is an advanced Mastercam course for students who already have taken Mastercam (MEC136) or who have previous Mastercam Experience. For more information call 631-851-6200 (13 meetings)

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CNC Machine Operator
This course will cover the overall operation of a CNC (Computer Numeric Controller) machine. Topics include safety, measurement tools, processes, production, setup, loading tools, offsets, developing and loading a program, and inspecting a part. Training is taught in a blended format of 180 hours of classroom and lab, with an additional online learning component. Additionally, after successful completion of all class testing, the student will receive the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Mill Operator and CNC Lathe Operator certifications. All necessary books and materials are included. For more information, call 631-851-6200.

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