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AutoCAd for Industry
This course will provide the student with an advanced look at AutoCAD that will allow them to learn new and better ways of accomplishing the task at hand with better speed and accuracy. Students will use advanced 2D commands to create and edit objects, use system variables, symbols libraries, and block attributes. The course will cover two-dimensional drafting techniques and introduce three-dimensional modeling. This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Autodesk AutoCAD Certified User Exam.

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Industrial MFG Automation
This course develops a basic understanding of the types of applications involved with industrial processes and manufacturing, and similar components and technologies used for automated production/assembly lines. It provides the technician with the basic tools used for the analysis and diagnosis phases of the troubleshooting process, including fundamental electricity,series circuits, motor controls, hydraulics and pneumatics, and program logic controllers. Training is preformed on Allen-Bradley and Festo modular controller systems. A 200 hour paid job experience may be available. for more information Call 631-851-6200 (19 meetings)

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