Entrepreneurial Assistance Program

Suffolk County Community College has been awarded a grant from the Empire State Development Corporation to establish an Entrepreneurial Assistance Program. The grant provides for the development and implementation of a business-training program. 

The Entrepreneurial Assistance program offers entrepreneurial training courses as well as technical and management seminars to those who are interested in starting or expanding their own businesses. Special efforts are made to recruit and select minorities, women, dislocated workers and persons with disabilities. The ten(10) week program is designed for client entrepreneurs to interact in sixty (60) hours business courses and seminars. Each class is three (3) hours in duration.

Client entrepreneurs receive one-on-one counseling, assistance with packaging business loans, mentor support, peer group support and a Small Business Resource Guide. A major requirement of the grant is the successful completion of a business plan by the participants.

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How to Register

When: The next course starts February 27, 2023 to May 3, 2023.

Where: Classes meet online Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-9 p.m.

Cost: Tuition is $300.00, includes textbooks and materials. This payment is due upon acceptance into the program.
Payable by check or money order to: Suffolk County Community College – EAC 

Seats are Limited. Click on the link below to register today.

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Starting a New Business?

Those who are interested in starting a new business or interested in expanding an existing business should contact the program administrator.

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More Information about EAP


Increase business ownership among minorities, women, dislocated workers and disabled individuals by providing an intensive program of classroom training, technical assistance and ongoing business support during enterprise formation.


  1. Increase number of new businesses owned by minorities, women, dislocated workers and disabled persons
  2. Expand sales and employment levels of minority and women owned firms during the first 1-5 years of operation (critical years)
  3. Decrease the business failure rates among firms owned by minorities and women

What EAP Does?

  1. Assist aspiring entrepreneurs in refining the business idea, preparing the business plan and developing the new business
  2. Help transform home-based, informal businesses into viable enterprises
  3. Assist micro-enterprises to expand into small scale growth companies

What Gap EAP Fills?

  1. Basic business skills development
  2. Handholding in planning and development of new business venture
  3. Ongoing management coaching once the business is operating
  4. “Bootstrap” financing assistance for entrepreneurs with limited recourses


  1. Community outreach
  2. Entrepreneurship training
  3. Technical Assistance
  4. Client tracking and evaluation
  5. Assistance in accessing financing