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Give your business a competitive edge through workforce training.

Your company will greatly benefit from our cost-effective training solutions to support your goals and objectives, foster employee potential, and improve the overall well-being of your business!

We help your business succeed.

Success and growth in today’s economy are dependent on an organization’s ability to attract, hire and retain a highly skilled, motivated and flexible workforce.

The Corporate Training Center at Suffolk County Community College partners with local business and industry to provide workforce training and development solutions, tailored to meet your organizational goals. We work with client companies of all sizes to:

  1. assess learning needs of your employees;
  2. discuss training options; and
  3. determine the best training solutions to achieve your key business objectives.

What we offer.

The Corporate Training Center offers a broad array of workforce and professional development training courses designed to meet the needs of the region’s business and industry sectors. These courses are designed to upgrade and improve the performance of current employees, while adding value to a company by improving their efficiency.

We offer cutting-edge programs designed to help your company keep pace with rapidly changing business needs:

  • Specialized Courses: Courses offered range from soft skill programs, such as Customer Service Excellence, Supervisory Skills, Business Writing, Computer Skills, and more.
  • Computer Applications: We offer expert training for specialized software, such as Microsoft™ applications, including Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, MS Project, PowerPoint and Publisher, as well as other programs such as AutoCAD.
  • Management and Personnel Training: We support your business by defining specific training programs for their employees and management personnel.
  • Seminars and Conferences: We offer specialized seminars and conferences, focusing on relevant topics of importance to your business.
  • Custom-Tailored Programs: We offer flexible delivery options and schedules, custom-tailored to your company’s specific needs. This personalized approach is designed to address the unique needs, issues or problems faced by your company in today’s business environment.

We are here for you!

Businesses from many different market segments have participated in these cost-effective programs, including manufacturing, health care, communications, and retail. In response to the needs of Long Island companies, more than 400 companies have received training through the Corporate Training Center at Suffolk County Community College through both contract training and grant-funded programs.

Availability is limited, so don’t delay. Join the growing community of companies who have greatly benefited from these opportunities!

It’s time to take your business to the next level.

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Where are we located?

The Corporate Training Center is located in the Sally Ann Slacke Building on the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood.

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