Pharmacy Technician Program

The Office for Continuing Education offers a non-credit Pharmacy Technician program. This program provides enrollee’s with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment in pharmacies under the supervision of registered pharmacists or licensed pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians have favorable employment prospects through 2024 (Workforce New York Web site).

The tuition for the two-semester program is $3,390; the cost each semester is $1,695.  The required courses to complete which includes texts, in the program are listed below.

*Prerequisite: High School diploma or equivalent.

XAH510 Part I – Pharmacy Technician Program (158 hours)

  1. Overview of Pharmacy (6 hours)
  2. Community Pharmacy Practice (12 hours)
  3. Introduction to Pharmacy Law and Ethics (12 hours)
  4. Introduction to Medical Terminology (24 hours)
  5. Communication Skills (8 hours)
  6. Pharmaceutical Calculations (15 hours)
  7. Excel for the Health Care Professional (15 hours)
  8. Introduction to Pharmacology (24 hours)
  9. Observation Class (27 hours)
  10. Math Brush-Up Class (15 hours)

XAH511 Part II – Pharmacy Technician Program (122 hours)

  1. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Part I of Pharmacy Technician Assistant Program
  2. Advanced Pharmaceutical Calculations (12 hours)
  3. Insurance Procedures (3 hours)
  4. Inventory Procedures (3 hours)
  5. Field Work Externship (80 hours)
  6. National Certification Exam Preparation (24 hours)